Mike Randall And Friends

Meteorologist opens magical world of reading to students at School 4


OBSERVER Staff Writer

“Have a banana,” are the magic words of the day to inspire children to read.

Dunkirk City School 4 welcomed Mike Randall, Channel 7 meteorologist, to their school with his fast-paced program including magic, ventriloquism, audience participation and a strong message about the importance of reading.

As the students piled into the auditorium, Randall captured their attention immediately with his declaration of “who wants to help me do some magic?” The students were riveted and did not stop laughing throughout the hour performance.

“It is so important to expand your imagination,” said Randall to the children, explaining that nothing could ever be invented if it was not first imagined. “The best way to expand your imagination is to exercise it.”

Students bounded up on stage to participate in magic tricks based around mathematics, physics and, of course, the love of reading.

“I think reading is the most fun and the most important thing,” said Randall to the children.

Students were inspired to brag to Randall about how many books they read in a day, with one child yelling that he once read 17 all in a single day.

Randall requested a magic word from the audience and misunderstood the suggestion “abracadabra” as “have a banana.” He decided to keep it because “it’s funnier” and the results were entirely magical: a wad of tissue paper became a hat, loops changed colors before everyone’s eyes and balls disappeared and reappeared in their correct place.

Randall found his love of puppeteering at age 7 when he was hospitalized for three months. To keep the active youngster from going stir-crazy, his grandmother gave him a set of Disney hand puppets. Randall covers the weather duties for Channel 7 each weeknight and is also a professional actor, performing his critically-acclaimed one-man portrayal of “Mark Twain Live!” around the country.

Randall’s visit to School 4 was planned and organized by the ELA Action Team and funded by the PTO.
Reprinted From The Dunkink Observer
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